Oh the themes are a’changing…..

This week’s assignment was to look at the different themes this website offers and pick one that fits your personal style. Well, I looked through all the themes and only found one I liked. It was a pink, night sky with stars. I applied the theme and realized…..that is NOT ME at all! I dislike pink immensely and, while they are nice, the stars don’t really define me either. I started randomly clicking things around the dashboard to see if I could figure out how to put my own picture in the background. (Why read the instructions when you can just mess around and hope it turns out right?) First, I looked up “pink stars” on Google images, seeing if I could find a more “me”, pink, starry-looking picture. Picture after picture had me saying, “Nope; no; no way; don’t think so”, so I stopped and actually thought about what I wanted my blog to represent. The title is “Books and Chocolate”. What’s the logical take away here? Lightbulb! I looked up “books on bookshelves” on Google and found a plethora of images that could work for my blog. I tried a couple different ones, finally deciding the colorful ones I currently have. I played around with the font coloring of the header as well. I tried white (washed out the bottom part of header), yellow (same problem), finally settling on good, old black. It can be seen and the colors of the background make it interesting. The strange thing is: I don’t really mention much about books on my site. I’m a voracious reader but I’m not really focusing on that subject right now. But, from what I understand, your background is supposed to represent YOU yourself, not necessarily the content of your blog. So, bearing that in mind, this is what I have decided. That’s the “backstory behind my theme hunt”. What do you think?


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