Monday, Monday – Is it 2015 already?

Well, today was a good day with a small hitch. I started out well. I had breakfast and filled up my water bottle to sip on during the day. Lunch wasn’t too healthy (Ramen noodles) but it was convenient and wasn’t TOO many calories. In between lunch and dinner, I decided I needed a snack. Well, snacks are pretty sparse around the house, especially healthy ones. I settled on chips and dip. I filled a PLATE with chips and got about 2 tablespoons of dip. Then, I “needed” a drink so I decided to get Dr. Pepper. I think I rationalized this by telling myself I had already had one this morning, so one more wouldn’t hurt. I decided to check out the nutritional information after I had eaten about 3 oz of chips. Well, 1 oz is 160 calories. I had just consumed 480 calories, PLUS 60 calories for the dip PLUS 150 calories for the soda, totaling 690 calories – from a SNACK! Now that is just wrong.

When I was drinking Dr. Pepper all day long, I could finish a 2-liter in a DAY. I never really thought about the calories I was consuming. I realize soda is empty calories and not essential to my nutrition at all. But, it tastes so GOOD! Just now, I added up how many calories are in a 2-liter of my beloved Dr. Pepper. Here we go * takes a deep breath * There are roughly 900 calories in one 2-liter! * silently screams inside my head * I am allowed a minimum of 1,290 calories and a maximum of 1,640 calories. That leaves me 740 calories for the rest of the day. In other words, basically one meal should be eaten for all my calories that day. When I actually write this down in black and white, I’m seeing that I really am sabatoging myself. This is something I can stop – now. The problem is: I have two more 2-liters under the cupboard in the kitchen. No one else in the house drinks Dr. Pepper. On the one hand, I think I should drink it because my dad bought it for me. On the other hand, I know that it is sabotaging my weight loss. It seems I have reached an impasse.

Thinking about all this has made me really look at what I need to work on to make myself a better person, physically and mentally. I’ve got some new small goals for the physical part. I’ll list the old ones as well, just to refresh my memory and yours:

1. Drink 64-100 ounces of water daily and drink more water when I feel hungry.
2. Work out at least 20 minutes, 5 days a week. If not that, at least 10 minutes a day. (Still working on getting that one started!)
3. Eat least 3-5 fruits and vegetables (hereby known as “freggies”) a day.
4. Stay within my calorie range 25 out of 30 days a month.
5. Limiting sugar and caffeine intake.
6. Try at least 1 new recipe a week.
7. Blog about my progress at least once a week.
8. Track food and exercise every day on Spark People.
9. Post at least once a day on the message boards on Spark People.
10. Look for new healthy snacks to try.

I’m also doing three different challenges on Spark People right now. Two fairly small ones and one big one. They do monthly challenges for any member who would like to join. The first one is the META #SmallChanges challenge. It lasts for a month. They send you emails each day to complete a daily challenge. You get Spark Points for each challenges and you learn all kinds of new things. The second one is the #RealisticResolutions. It follows the same format. I like these challenges. They are short and sweet and fun. Now, the big challenge is my favorite one of all. I belong to a group called “The Biggest Loser”. It is kind of like the show, but you can interact with it. There are weigh ins; TNT (Tighten and Tone) days; and WEC (weekend challenges). It is SO much fun and I meet a lot of great people. I usually lose at least 10 pounds over the 12 weeks it runs!

My life is so amazing. I cannot believe I was so depressed only two months ago. I was ready to end my life over a breakup with a man who wasn’t even worth my time in the first place. I am in a much better place now. I have let him go and I am living my life for me. I’m loving my family and friends. I am loving myself. I am enough and I’m glad I finally know that.


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