Get ready; get set; BLOG! (Blogging 101 assignment #1)

I’m starting my Blogging 101 class tomorrow but they gave us a start-up assignment today. The assignment is to basically write a “mission statement” for your blog; i.e. what your blog is about or what you hope to achieve with it. Here goes:

My blog is a sounding board for me to get my feelings out there. I love to write and I have found that writing my feelings down helps a lot in the process of dealing with them. Plus, sometimes I just write something so good, I have to share it with the world! I am currently in the process of losing the last 76 pounds I would like to lose. I will then be in the healthy BMI range. I’m going to chronicle my weight loss journey on the blog as well. Come along with me and prepare yourself for a great time!


2 thoughts on “Get ready; get set; BLOG! (Blogging 101 assignment #1)

  1. I have used my blog so far as way to express my feelings as well. I find it wonderful. Best of luck loosing your last 76 pounds. I believe in you. I look forward to hearing more about your journey and reading your wonderful writing.


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